Free IVA Advice Alternatives to Bankruptcy – Free IVA Advice and Information

Introduction“The Credit Crunch” is a term is being mentioned and heard more frequently in the “UK Media”, while Britton spirals into the largest consumer held debt in Europe, solutions are being devised to tackle the problemThe “individual voluntary arrangement” seems to be the solution that everyone is talking about though it is nothing new, in […]

IVA Debt Solution – What is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement and Do I Qualify For One?

This is a commonly asked question which the aim this article is to explain in further detail to give you a better understanding of how an IVA worksIVA is commonly used as an abbreviation when talking about individual voluntary arrangement you are more likely to have heard it being mentioned more often than its full […]

IVA Advice UK, IVA Company Explains IVA Debt Solution and How it Can Help

Individual Voluntary Arrangement AKA An “IVA” is a solution for people experiencing debt problems, when someone is in serious debt, an IVA is a much less severe alternative to the more widely known option of bankruptcyIn most cases it still allows you the ability to keep your house and car. And does not involve having […]

Bankruptcy Questions That You Need Answers to Before Filing

Filing bankruptcy may not be the worst option for you, especially if you are having problems paying off your debt. In some cases, the annoying reminders and notices from your creditors can pose a far greater problem than the fairly simple process of filing a bankruptcy claim. In other cases, hiring an unfit attorney could […]

How Can I Increase My Credit Rating After Bankruptcy?

Your credit rating is a number between 300 (poor) and 850 (good), also known as a FICO score which stands for Fair Isaac & Co, the company who developed the first scoring systems in the 1950s. The rating is compiled by three credit reporting agencies: Experian, Equifax and Trans Union from a number of factors, […]