Credit After Bankruptcy – Sooner Than You Might Think

Debtors often worry about being able to get credit after bankruptcy. However, in a year or two after bankruptcy the debtor may be able to get a home mortgage loan. The FHA loan guarantees allow debtors to qualify for mortgage loans within two years if the debtor incurs good credit after bankruptcy. Debtor may also […]

Stop Bankruptcy – Alternative to Filing Bankruptcy With the IVA Debt Solution

When you’re receiving threatening letters from creditors and bailiffs it is a easy to feel trapped and that there is no way out, but there is a solution you have a much better opportunity of solving your financial difficulty when you take out an IVA.An IVA is a formal agreement between you and your creditors […]

Alternative to Filing Bankruptcy With the IVA Debt Solution What You Need to Know

What is an IVA (Individual voluntary arrangement)An IVA is an alternative to bankruptcy introduced by the government, if you in a situation where you can see no other alternative apart from going bankrupt you can use an IVA to avoid this option. The concept behind an IVA is a simple one, simply a re-payment agreement […]

Arizona Foreclosure – How Bankruptcy Can Help You

If you’re like thousands of other Arizonans, you’re in danger of losing your home to a bank foreclosure. Fortunately, many are discovering the solution in what may seem the unlikeliest of places – bankruptcy. Losing everything you own is just one of many Arizona bankruptcy myths encountered by Arizona Bankruptcy Now legal counsel over the […]

Top 10 Reasons to Stop Feeling Bad About Bankruptcy

After helping so many people through the Arizona bankruptcy process for more than 15 years, the Arizona bankruptcy attorneys of Arizona Bankruptcy Now have seen firsthand the remorse and guilt experienced by debtors. Whether you’re facing an Arizona foreclosure on your home, swamped in credit card debt, drowning in medical bills, or a combination of […]

The Six Types of Bankruptcy in the United States

Bankruptcy or economic failure is an officially declared term defining the failure or impairment of organizations or individuals to pay off their debts. The legal formalities approve creditors to file a bankruptcy petition against debtors in an effort to recover the debt.In several cases, debtors start bankruptcy formalities called “voluntary bankruptcy” filed by the bankrupt […]

Bankruptcy FAQ’s

This is the first in a series of four articles relating to bankruptcy. 1. What does bankruptcy mean?Bankruptcy means that your financial affairs are administered by your Trustee. In other words, he controls all that own including your house. Essentially, his duty is to sell all your permitted assets and use the money to pay […]